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      We have a Java job running on a Linux machine, using Calendar SDK to create, modify and delete events in Calendar server This java job is scheduled on CRON running every 10 mins. This job was running without any issues for 4 months and of late it started to fail. The error thrown is CAPI_STAT_LIBRARY_INTERNAL_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION. We found that the issue is exactly same as of the following thread:


      It seems that the
      CSDK creates Semaphores but does not release them. We stopped the application,
      cleared the semaphores used by the application and then re-started the
      application, it worked fine for a day but then again the same problems
      re-occurs. It seems that the CSDK is not re-using or releasing the semaphores

      Please clarify me on the following items:

      1) How can this issue be prevented from happening again?
      2) Is there a patch for this issue for CSDK
      3) Is this issue fixed in the 10g CSDK?

      Please respond ASAP, as this is a production issue.