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    Welcome to the Oracle Insurance OSpace Website!

    James Mullarney-Oracle
      I would like to invite you to use this forum to communicate with both you peers and top Product Managers at Oracle. This forum is an ideal place to discuss industry trends, solve problems, get access to information and look to new technology trends in the insurance space.

      If you have questions they will be answered directly by top Oracle Application Developers and Industry Strategy Experts.

      This forum is designed to handle all forms of insurance related inquiries from Insurance Industry segments such as Life, Non Life and Health Insurance but also into areas such as reinsurance. Discussions will cover all insurance Applications and technology stack related matters.

      Please feel free to contact me and other forum members by posting on this board. Responses will normally be given in 24 hours or less.

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          Rune Mørk

          I was wondering, is it possible to get access to the insurance presentation from Open World, especially the one regarding trends in the insurance business?

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            James Mullarney-Oracle
            I will dig it up and post it here.
            Stay tuned.
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              James Mullarney-Oracle
              The Oracle Open World Insurance Presentation can be found on Oracle Files Online. Search the following terms

              insurance keynote
              insurance%20keynote_rev%20v1%204.ppt and you will find it.

              Kind regards and happy new year to all
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                And where do i find oracle online files.


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                  James Mullarney-Oracle
                  Here is a summary of the Macro Trends in Insurance IT we see for 2008:

                  Theme 1: Sales and Service Issues
                  * Self Service levels increasing from Insurer's websites
                  * Online eCommerce increasing in terms of adoption and now eCommerce makes up 15% of Insurance IT budgets
                  * Main competitive differentiator – claims service levels

                  Theme 2: Data Integration and Business Intelligence
                  * Integrated platforms supporting STP (Straight Through Processing)
                  * Real time business Intelligence (analytics)
                  * More insurance automation and availability of technology enabling new entrants – eg Tesco, Costco

                  Theme 3: Operational Trends
                  * Higher surpluses
                  * More competition driving higher advertising
                  * Soft market prevailing requiring better Underwriting discipline
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                    Hi, can u giev some inforamtion on the AdminServer, a policy management system, which oracle has recently acquired, and how can one get support from oracle in obtaining this product.
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                      James Mullarney-Oracle
                      On 13th May 2008 Oracle announced today that it has agreed to acquire AdminServer, a rapidly growing provider of insurance policy administration software. AdminServer's product offering will become a core component of Oracle's existing insurance industry software that is used by more than one thousand insurers, including 20 of the top 20 global insurance companies.

                      The AdminServer product line will significantly accelerate Oracle's investment in the insurance industry and be complemented by Oracle's existing insurance products such as Oracle Billing, Siebel Claims and Siebel CRM for Insurance.

                      The combination of Oracle and AdminServer will result in a comprehensive, end-to-end insurance policy management solution that can manage multiple insurance product lines such as life, annuities and reinsurance. Additionally, AdminServer's management and employees will form a dedicated global business unit within Oracle, which will focus on providing critical operational applications to the insurance industry. AdminServer's CEO Rick Connors is now leading the new Insurance GBU as General Manager.

                      "Most insurers still rely on legacy policy administration applications that are extremely inflexible and impede enterprise agility and efficiency," said Oracle President Charles Phillips. "Together, Oracle and AdminServer plan to deliver the most modern, comprehensive, standards-based and well-integrated enterprise software suite for the insurance industry."

                      More information is available at http://www.oracle.com/adminserver.
                      For all sales and support related information please reach out to "jim.rourke AT oracle.com"
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                        Thank you for having such a forum! It is awesome.

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