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    Hyperion Enterprise & Interactive Reporting

      <p>Does interactive reporting have an interface to Enterprise? We are moving our 7.1.3 of Essbase and our Brio tools tosystem 9 and are looking at building some dashboarding.  Canwe use IR against our current Enterprise instance or do we need tolook at upgrading enterprise to FDM?</p>
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          I am trying to evaluate candidates for contractor positions. we are looking for senior reporting developers for HPS 6.x to 8.x compentencies. Do you know of specific questions I can ask to determine qualifications? Resumes look good but I have found that they fall short of our requirements. We are looking for extensive 2-3 years of reports development only.
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            Hyperion Interactive Reporting does not currently work against Hyperion Enterprise applications. There is not a Syatem 9 version of Enterprise. Your upgrade path would be to HFM. FDM is the S9 version of UpStream Weblink.