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    Financial reporting docs from web analysis

      <p>I need to open some Financial Reporting documents from within aweb analysis page.<br>I put into this page a label, with something like this as text:<br><br><a style="visited:#660000"href="http://scilla:19000/workspace/browse/get/Reports/Rete%20Commerciale/stat_generale_produttore_vista1/">Produttoretotale</<br><br>The FR document is obviosly stat_generale_produttore_vista1; itopens regularly as HTML preview, but in the toolbar there is nobutton to have a PDF preview, nor I have the possibility to printit in PDF format; if I open it from the explorer, the whole PDFstuff is regularly there.<br>How can I have PDF enabled also when passing through a web analysisdocument?</p>