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      Hi,<BR>I have used the CDF (Custom defined function) provided at the following URL.<BR><a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://dev.hyperion.com/downlo...brary/child_access.cfm">http://dev.hyperion.com/downlo...brary/child_access.cfm</a> . When i am calling the function<BR>in essbase member formula<BR>IF(@member(@GETFIRSTMEMBER(@children(Period))))<BR><BR>abc=1;<BR>ENDIF<BR><BR>I am getting the following errors.<BR>too many parameters in function [@MEMBER].<BR>Can anyone help me out as how to call this function in member formula to select the first<BR>period when passing @children (Period)as input parameters to this function.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help.