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    Problems with the alias of shared members::->

      <p>Hi guys I have this typical problem regarding the alias ofshared member:<br><br>I have a typcical problem. Here required out line will be likethis::-><br><br><br>ORG<br>Total of branch (Gen2)<br><br>Sub-branch (Gen3)<br><br>DR (Gen4)<br><br>Store (Gen5)<br><br><br><br>Total of area (Gen2)<br><br>Area (Gen3)<br><br>Store (Gen4) (Shared member)<br><br><br>I achieved this out line by two diff rule files. In my 1st rulefiles I have created Total of branches upto DR level. And in the2nd rule file the data set is like this:<br><br>Store(Level 0) Store_Alias(ALIAS 0) DR(level1) AREA(level1)AREA_ALIAS(ALIAS 1) TOTAL_OF_AREA(level2)<br><br><br><br><br>The outline being created is as per with the requirement.<br>The alias for the stores which are under "Total ofbranches" is being created properly.<br>But the problem is with the alias for the Stores which are under"Total of area". These stores are being tagged as sharedmember.<br>When I am opening the outline in Edit mode we cannot find any aliasfor these stores.<br>But while I am opening the outline in view mode we can see thataliases has been created for these stores.<br><br>I am using EAS version 7.1.3.<br><br>Just dont why its happening? Is it any EAS bug?<br>When I logged in to our my server using App Manager and opened thesame outline file, found out that no alias can be found for thoseshared members stores.<br><br>Can anybody throw any light?<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-confused.gif" border="0"><br><br></p>
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          Maybe it will be a stupid questionhave you tried to retrieve data in excel using excel spreadsheet add-in?If aliases are retrieved correctly, it does'nt matter if it is shown correctly or not in edit mode i think!!!
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            Yes, retrieving in Excel will tell you if the aliases are properly created. But more than that, you should never create aliases for shared members, as they will inherit the aliases from their stored counterparts. Creatign aliases for shared members just creates a maintenance nightmare because you have two or more sets of aliases to maintain and the shared version of the alias NEVER gets retrieved in Excel or any report script or reporting tool that I know of.<BR>