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    Attribute dimension

      I have an attribute dimension <BR>     0001          - linked to US 0001 and USA 0001<BR>     0003          - linked to US 0003 and USA 0003<BR>     0004          - linked to US 0004 and USA 0004<BR><BR>my base dim is:<BR>     US<BR>     US 123<BR>          US 0001<BR>          US 0003<BR>          US 0004<BR>     US 234<BR>          USA 0001<BR>          USA 0003<BR><BR>When I intersect 0001 with US 123 I get the correct amount, that is the amount for US 0001.<BR>The problem is when I drill down on 0001 (attribute dimension) it expands to US 0001 and USA 0001, while I would only want to see US 0001.<BR><BR>Can any one help?<BR><BR>Thanks,