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    Valur from another cube

      Hi All,<BR><BR>We have these two cubes, A and B. The values of FTEs in the two cubes are different (coming from different data sources). <BR><BR>The idea is to take the value of the FTE from cube A and use it in a formula or a calc script in cube B. Both are in the same server. Is this possible?<BR><BR>I am just throwing this thought out. If not, we have to bring the FTE values of cube A into the oracle views and load them in cube B. This is additional work in the backend. <BR><BR>Let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Hank
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          You have two basic options. Look in the technical reference for the @XREF function. Given the scope of what you are trying to do, this is probably the best option. A slightly more involved approach is using a partition if you have the partitioning option licensed.<BR><BR>