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    SQR - Ref Cursor

      <p>I am trying to call an Oracle stored procedure within SQR thatreturns a ref cursor.  I am able to successfully do this onlyif I run the program as the schema owner.  I read that SQRneeds to be able to do a describe on the stored procedure in orderfor the program to work.  I can do a describe but only if Iinclude the schema owner (ex. schema_owner.stored_procedure). So, logically, I tried to add the schema owner to the storedprocedure name within sqr.  When I do this I get the error(SQR 3918) Missing Stored Procedure or Function.</p><p> </p><p>Here is the syntax below:</p><p>execute on-error=ora_err do=print_plan_type<br> @#retVal=HRIS.HRIS_HRS_DS_PACKAGE.Get_Plan_Type_List@rc01=$planCursor OUT<br> INTO &pc_ext_app_id varchar2(3)</p><p> </p><p>Any thoughts on how I can get SQR to recognize the schemaowner?<br></p>