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    Java Error

      <p> </p><div class="intellitxt"><font face="Verdana" size="2">When i try tologin to Financial Reporting Studio, I will get "UnknownError" message at the Financial Reporting Studio interface.Still i can login to Financial Reporting Studio, But I can't insertgrids and all. I had a look at FR Client and found followingmessage. How do i solve that? Any guesses?<br><br><br>07-30 16:22:59 ERROR HRFoundationClient Unknown Error<br><br>07-30 16:23:01 ERROR HRFoundationClient<br>java.lang.NullPointerException<br>atcom.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.HRFoundationClient.getTRCPService(UnknownSource)<br>atcom.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.HRFoundationClient.getRoot(UnknownSource)<br>atcom.hyperion.reporting.hrfoundation.ReportStoreManagerImpl.getRoot(UnknownSource)<br>atcom.hyperion.reporting.javacom.ReportStoreManagerComImpl.getRoot(UnknownSource)<br>07-30 16:23:01 ERROR HRFoundationClient null <!-- google_ad_section_end --></font></div><p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><br></font></p>
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          Still not able resolve this issue.
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            We had what appears to be the same error. We changed our /etc/hosts file from<BR><BR>999.999.999.999 hdapp03-ce02 hdapp03 xxxxx xxxxxx<BR><BR>to <BR><BR><BR>999.999.999.999 hdapp03 hdapp03-ce02 xxxxx xxxxxx<BR><BR><BR>It could not resolve the hdapp03-ce02. I would check the host name of your Finanical Reporting server.