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    Advanced Security Manager Utility

      Ok, this is probably going to be pretty DUH but does anyone know of a delimiter that is suppose to be used to tell the Filter Import to end one filter and start another?<BR><BR>I have a file that will create 5 filters. The first filter has three lines, one Write and two Reads. And, the next filters are all individual one liners.<BR><BR>When I import the file, the first filter gets created but it has every line in the file under it. And, just the first three. The limited doc contained in the utility indicate that my file is correct.<BR><BR>The delimitators I've tried are hard line feeds betwen the filters. Ending each filter with the ! character. But, nothing has worked so far.<BR><BR>Ofcourse, separate files for each filter works. But, not feasible. I have over 750 filters to create!<BR><BR>Thanks. eadorn.<BR><BR>BTW: using version 1.6.0 which is latest posted version.