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Merant ODBC on AIX with Essbase 6.5

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<p>We are getting a strange error trying to use Merant 4.1 driversfor ODBC with Essbase on AIX 4.3 when we click on the OpenSQL... in EAS.  Below is the error message and below that therelevant portion of the.odbc.ini.  We have made sure our environment variables are correct. Any help with this will be appreciated.</p><p> </p><p>ODBC Layer Error: [6^~&euro;0&#11;&yen;@4&Ograve;j&circ;] ==>[6^(6^~&ETH;&sbquo;]<br>ODBC Layer Error: Native Error code [1]<br>Failed to get the list of available SQL data sources. See serverlog for more information<br>Transaction [ 0xd70017( 0x4643eadb.0xeb2a8 ) ] aborted due tostatus [1021024].</p><p> </p><p>.odbc.ini content:</p><p>[ODBC Data Sources]<br>erfd=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle<br><br>[ODBC]<br>Trace=0<br>TraceFile=odbctrace.out<br>TraceDll=/essbase/odbc/merant41/lib/<br>InstallDir=/essbase/odbc/merant41<br>ConversionTableLocation=/essbase/odbc/merant41/tables<br>UseCursorLib=0<br><br>[erfd]<br>Driver=/essbase/odbc/merant41/lib/<br>Description=DataDirect 4.10 Oracle<br>LogonID=uid<br>Password=pwd<br>ServerName=erfd<br>CatalogOptions=0<br>ProcedureRetResults=0<br>EnableDescribeParam=0<br>EnableStaticCursorsForLongData=0<br>ApplicationUsingThreads=1<br></p>