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    Standards for Customization

      Hi All,

      I would like to know whether Oracle has laid any standards for the Customization of Self Service modules(all java,jsp,java script,DHTML).

      How do you guys recommend to do it? Normally what we do is copy the files to be customized and customize them and place it back and keep a back up of all files we customize.But my question in this case is,What if we upgrade to 12i in future ..which would be a major upgrade.So I guess if we place these customized files in the normal OA_JAVA and OA_HTML and OA_MEDIA all these files will be replaced by the standard oracle files during a major upgrade like this.Is there any way to keep the customized files un touched?

      One alternate approach which I have is to create a CUSTOM_TOP in the server and keep all the customized files in that?

      Thanks in advance !! Any suggestions are appretiated !!

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          Charlie Berger-Oracle
          Unfortunately, this inquiry doesn't seem to be related to Oracle Personalization (a real-time recommendation engine built using Oracle's data mining technology and 9iAS).

          Please submit this inquiry to another Discussion Forum.


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            Kalimuthu V-Oracle
            Hi Chanchal,

            I understand you are developing customization with j2ee components and not in OAFramework, If you are doing customization in OAFramework then only you might face problems in future.

            If you are doing customization on j2ee components, deploy into a CUSTOM_TOP and keep separate and you can use it later also.

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              if your issue is with OAF pages, you can post it on OAF tech forum OA Framework

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                Coming to your questions, if you can provide the business scenario , we can provide better suggestion. But for now, there are 2 ways to make changes to standard seeded application:
                1. Personalization : A feature of apps where where you can make a lot of changes without changing any code. It is patching, upgrade safe.
                2. Customization : Provides a guideline to apply code changes in such a manner that seeded code can be overridden. Again It is patching, upgrade safe if done following the provided guidelines.

                For details you can check the OAF Dev guide.