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    Bug Report: Page Definition and "Referenced" in View select list


      is it possible that the "Referenced" feature of the "View" select list on the page definition doesn't show report columns which have a link to this page? Because I have an overview report on one page and the form to maintain it on another page. But if I go to "Referenced" on the form page, it doesn't show the report overview page as referrer.

      An enhancement for this function. It would also be useful if that function would scan in source code properties (report queries, region source, ...) for the f?p=... pattern to even find more references to this page. I already did a similar thing for the "Page Flow Diagram" generator (http://inside-apex.blogspot.com/2007/01/apexlib-get-page-flow-diagram-of-your.html). It gives a more complete picture where the page is referenced. See the ApexLib_PageFlowDiagram package at line 200 for details (http://apexlib.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/apexlib/trunc/Server/PLSQL/ApexLib_PageFlowDiagram.pkb?revision=233&view=markup)

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