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    Sourcing Rules

      We use sourcing rules to automatically generate blanket releases in 11.5.9. We attempted to source some items to be purchased from 2 suppliers with equal quantity.

      Both suppliers were setup on a sourcing rule with equal allocation % and rank, but a blanket release is only generated for the supplier listed first.

      Does functionality exist in 11.5.9 that allows for automatic dual sourcing?
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          Does the other supplier also has a BPA for the item and also has that BPA been mentioned in the ASL for that Supplier?
          Also check the ranks you specified in the Souring Rule (they both should have same rank in this case)
          Also did you assign the souring rule to the default Sourcing Rule Assignment Set used in your Org? If not it might be using ASL only based on Alphabetical listing of Supplier

          Hope it helps
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            Multi-sourcing calculation of Oracle MRP works like mentioned below;

            Calculation for Mutli Sourcing.

            sourcing rule: Supplier A 90%
            Supplier B 10%

            planned order 1: for quantity 85

            being the first planned order it will allocate it to Supplier A,

            *** A single planned order is never split up across suppliers using sourcing rules, they are used only to achieve a balance across a period of time

            planned order 2: for quantity 100

            current % of supplier A = (allocated quantity till date)/ total quantity

            = 85 / (100 + 85) < 90%

            as the above % is less than 90 it will allocate the second planned order to Supplier A

            planned order 3: for quantity 95

            % for supplier A = 185/ (185 + 95) < 90%

            the third order will aslo go for supplier A

            planned order 4: for quantity 2

            % for supplier A = 280/ (280+2) > 90%

            now the planned order 4 will be allocated to supplier B


            Let me know if you have any queries.

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              Thank you for the reply, that makes sense. How, then, would you go about dual sourcing an item with equal quantity to 2 suppliers with automatic PO creation?

              We have many items dual sourced overseas with a percentage of domestic content and would like to trigger an order automatically for both suppliers based on a percent of material required.

              Thank you.

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                I would like to respond to Narsy. I am really confused for that is not what I found out on Metalink which also confuses me. Let me paste some of Note:1017499.102

                The rules that the sourcing logic uses to determine the supplier selection are:

                a) The first planned order is assigned to the supplier source with the
                highest percentage of the total sourcing allocation.

                b) The second planned order is assigned to the supplier source with the
                second highest percentage of the total sourcing allocation.

                c) Each subsequent planned will order is assigned to the supplier source
                with the next highest percentage of the total sourcing allocation, until
                each supplier source with a percentage allocation of greater than zero is
                assigned an order.
                d) After each source of supply has been assigned one planning order, the
                planning program will now assign the next order to the source of supply
                with the highest allocation percentage, if the sum of the planned orders
                already assigned to this source is less than the total of the percentage
                allocated to this source. The logic for these calculations is as follows:

                1) Find the source with highest percentage allocation (Make, in our
                2) Multiply the total qty required by the highest percentage (60%,
                in our example).
                3) If the sum of all planned orders for this item that have already been
                assigned to this source, is greater than the total order quantity for
                this item times the percent allocated to this source, then go to the
                next source in line by percentage, otherwise assign the order to this
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                  I have a requirement, API for loading sourcing rules in APPS and attaching the same to Assignment sets at item level..
                  I found that ,these are the API's for that..
                  Please provide me the code for that.
                  Can you please send to my mail -- viiji.4you@gmail.com

                  Thanks in advance...
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                    Can u please share that code with me. I'm already loaded with other migration. my id nandz01@gmail.com. Its really urgent.


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