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    External SSL accellerator

      I am trying to configure RTC to use an external SSL box (Cisco CSS). The Oracle documentation says that this is a good idea but never explains how to do it. I would like to use the 'HTTPS direct' method that is outlined in the Introduction to Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Administration document.

      I am stuck trying to make sense of the following settings:

      1. MxRedirectPort - The documentation says that Windows should use a TCP/IP port number between 2400 and 2700 and that Linux/UNIX should use a name for a Domain Name Socket. I am using Linux and I have no idea what to set this value to. Can I just make something up or is there something specific that I need to use here?

      Here is the command:
      setProperty -ct mxcomm -pname MxRedirectPort -pvalue <PORT>

      2. We installed Collab Suite to use the default port of 7777 for HTTP. The server is not listening on port 80 or 443 at all. Do I need to set the hostname.imt values to 7777 for ApacheWebPort? Do I need to tell my SSL accellerator to then communicate to port 7777 on my collab suite server?

      Thanks for any assistance.