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    Need Step-by-Step instructions

      Does anyone have step-by-step instructions for how to setup RTC to be accessible from the Internet?

      We have the infrastructure and apps tiers installed on the same server behind our firewall. Name of the host is abc.mycompany.local:7778.

      We've setup a NAT that points all traffic on meeting.mycompany.com:7778 to abc.mycompany.local:7778.

      We've worked through the documentation several times and we seem to get close, but always end up breaking something else. We've already reinstalled the entire collab suite twice because we've broken some network link or another in our attempts to configure this. I've searched through this forum also, but any helpful topics seem to taper off without any real useful information. I'm not a network expert, so I might be missing something in those explainations.

      Our goal is to redirect traffic from meeting.mycompany.com:80 to abc.mycompany.local:7778.

      Any help would really be appreciated.
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          I'm not familiar with the setup of the RTC - however the best thing to do is check out the Webcache. This is usually solving all those problems. And it should be easier than setting up NAT.

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            Thank you for the suggestion. I've already tried setting the webcache with the external address as a site pointing to the origin server. If I understand RTC though, the Real-Time component doesn't get cached in web-cache and is on a completely separate port.

            Still looking for some help...