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    Run on Rails - My Experience

      Well after working on it, I found that application development with Rails
      and oracle was very productive. Ruby first has alot of the good features
      from python and perl, and I would say even VB6, all combined togeather
      in a consistant language. The libraries (gems) is vast and ever increasing.
      In addition, countless plugins make it easy to add "big" functionality in a day.

      To give people a head start:

      My Plugins:
      1. Activescaffold - Good oracle and ibm articles - Plenty of AJAX goodness
      2. RoleRequirement - Handles the security as finely as you wish
      3. Widgets/Tabnav - Consistant menus and now tooltips

      Things I had to fight:

      1. Email import into windows environment - Solved
      2. Import of old dbase/foxpro files into oracle - Solved
      3. Import of "minor" database vendors table via odbc into oracle - Solved
      4. Automatic generation of controllers, and models, with support for "my" plugins

      If you want more info, checkout mentalpagingspace.blogspot.com

      Now I believe a comment was said, that "You can generate a application in the time it takes you to do powerpoint". My current record is 40 screens in one day.
      So I can now do a application in the time it took me to do a 20 page slide set describing it.