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    Requirement in ADF

      i have a requirement in ADF. I need to display an adf faces table (say with 5 columns ). The first two columns have to be values from DB of different table and the rest of the columns of to be inputtext/booleanCheck so that the user could enter values against each row and these values can be captured.

      Is there any way to achieve this?

      I have tried different ways. Creating a table from VO (so that first two column values could be obtained from DB) and for the rest of the coulmns i have added CoreColumn from the drop down (so that the number rows for each column during display of page is equal to the number of rows retrieved using VO). But im not able to catch the values as the values need to caught in an arraylist (because multiple rows with different values). I tried the procedure given by frank of getting values for added columns, ended up with no result. I tried even the dataControl approach but wasn't able to achieve it either.

      could anyone help in this front?

      Thank You.