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    UPK download

      How do I download the UPK LMS test package? I would like to see the product, test it to help with a decision to purchase.
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          It is downloadable from metalink and edelivery

          Metalink Patch #5244866

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            I am working with a client using UPK but can find no reference to this in documention. Do you know if it exists in the PeopleBooks?
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              I checked with UPK development and there is no documentation on UPK in Peoplebooks. Did you have some specific questions? If so, I can try and get them answered for you.

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                Thanks for the offer Scott but I am not sure what I will need yet until I get in there and see what they require. I just thought maybe I could have a read up on it before I go in next week. I'll keep you posted if I get stuck. Thanks again
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                  I would like to download the UPK LMS Test Package from the Oracle web site to test it. Where can I find the links. The link on the site:


                  Under the "Learn More" Tab, there is a link for:

                  Download: UPK Learning Management System Test Course (UPK LMS)

                  This link does not have any content. It errs out.

                  Where can I find this download in order to work with it.

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                    I got this UPK LMS Test Package from a co-worker who happened to download it from the Oracle site before the links erred out. I am trying to work with this in my local machine which I plan to test. I looked into the technical requirements documentations and it says that any web server software would work with the UPK LMS System.

                    My web-server is as follows:


                    I created a folder within webapps - upk and saved the entire contents of the upk_lms_test_27 into this folder.

                    In the deployment documentation: Deploying the UPK LMS Test Package, it says that when you launch content through LMS using a gateway page - LMStart.html player interface appears. But I do not see any LMStart.html file in the test package.

                    So my questions is how do I deploy this test package in the above web server?

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                      I downloaded UPD from
                      and I cannot see any modules in the content. The .pdf document instructs to download ondemand.ini file but that is not working. I am trying to get access to Oracle ebs modules. Any help is greatly appreciated! Mary
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                        I have done this and it works fine for me.

                        1. Go to http://edelivery.oracle.com/.

                        2. Click Continue at bottom of page.

                        3. Fill out form (name, company, etc.). Click the 2 checkboxes, then click Continue at bottom of page.

                        4. For Product Pack, select User Productivity Kit. For Platform, select Microsoft Windows (32-bit). Click Go.

                        5. Near bottom of list, you should see Oracle® User Productivity Kit Release 2 Media Pack for Microsoft Windows. Select this to download.
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                          Hi - thanks for the reply. I am trying again. I think there may have been a firewall issue.