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        Hi Chris,
        Based on it, it is simply impossible to provide some evidence. Please, admit it.
        Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! That's exactly why credentials are so important, IMHO.
        In fact someone can only provide some evidence if he/she passed some kind of examination.
        I donno, I've met too many OCP noobs. . . .
        And, IMHO, for Oracle Database such an examination doesn't exist yet.
        The only test I put credence in are the OCM which is like other professionals exams, (the CPA exam, the bar exam), the multi-day tests that require demonstrable skill. I've yet to meet an OCM who did not impress me . . .
        Therefore, everything else is matter of opinion.
        Precisely! Well said. I see loads of opinions here every day, and I don;t know about you, but I have a really hard time determining whether I should give credence to the anonymous opinions. However, folks who I know to have a vast wealth of work experience (APC, Laurent Schneider, &c), it's much easier.

        You hit the nail on the head, it's all about assigning credence to their opinion.

        BTW, I want to clarify that I did not mean to single out Jonathan Lewis.

        I believe him to be an expert in some areas, although he offers no evidence. I'm just not convinced that he has expertise as a working DBA. . . .

        Don Burleson
        My Resume:
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          I'm really impressed how your're dealing with someone like Mr. Burleson.

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            Hi Jonathan,
            all I can see is a claim that I shouldn't be allowed to supply an answer.
            No, of course not. I've never questioned your sincerity and your earnest desire to help.

            I do, however, think that your present yourself as a DBA expert, and I simply question your authority and expertise as a working DBA.

            Your silence on this core question only means that you are unwilling or unable to offer any evidence.
            employing the lessons learnt in "How People Tell Lies (101)
            You mean like your deceptive "proof" that you used to try to discredit me?

            Oracle is NOT MATH, a single contrary test case does not invalidate any general principle of Oracle performance. Did you see this, where Charles Hooper (non-anonymous), showed how flawed your approach can be?

            "Charles Hooper (IT Manager/Oracle DBA for K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.), did this excellent test of the PGA parameters, spending more than 10 hours to illustrate the behavior of the PGA parameters in 10g. Charles concludes that "odd quirks" makes definitive test-case proofs very difficult."


            Conclusion - "question the answer" by all means; but remember that there is a difference between a technical response to "the answer" and a personal response to "the person supplying the answer".
            OK, you got me there. It was never my intention to become personal, and I apologize if it was taken that way. You are clearly a very versatile and talented fellow, but I don't think that your expertise warrants pontificating on things that you have no experience with. That's all, nothing more . . .

            After all, a review of your posts on usenet reveal that your expertise does not center around database administration.

            Jonathan, do you remember the dictatorship of idiots on CDOS who misunderstood Cary and said that he had proven that disk access was just as fast as caching? It was total nonsense, but they would rip-into anyone who dared speak the truth. . .

            Anyway, I still don't understand what the big deal is about publishing your expertise. Howevr, it's only natural to be suspicous of anyone who claims expert status, yet hides their relevant experience. . . .

            Again, this was not about you personally . . .

            I gotta plane to catch, so flame away!

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              You claim you are one of the world leading experts on Oracle.
              On what basis? What is the evidence for this?
              You claim you are an 'adjunct professor emeritus'. No university is mentioned.
              It is quite well known the quality of the universities in the US widely varies.
              Why are you silent about the exact university and the discipline?
              You claim you worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies.
              What is 'numerous' according to you? 2? 3? 5? 100?

              Don, why are you asking for credentials over and over again, where you didn't post any credentials, only unsubstantiated claims?
              Does the number of books published tell you are a 'leading expert'?

              Sybrand Bakker
              Senior Oracle DBA
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                Don's resume is sneakily hidden away here:

                I found it using Google only after finally hitting on the following bizarrre, contorted and utterly non-intuitive search string: don+burleson+resume
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                  No need to reply, I read this page. It is full of unverifiable claims.
                  Burleson makes a claim he is a 'world leading expert', I can't check this.
                  BTW: didn't you vow not to go into discussion with me?

                  Sybrand Bakker
                  Senior Oracle DBA
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                    This is something most irrelevant to call for. How does reorganizing tables have relationship with Don’s CV?
                    I respect Don but it is not oblivious who has really fueled the fire, HarryP there is no need for you to clean the trash by offering justifications, it would be much better if you could stick to the topic.


                    P.S. Please don’t say ‘likewise Adith’, ‘you too’, etc that is really childish. This is a professional forum is not some playground.
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                      Maran Viswarayar
                      How does reorganizing tables have relationship with Don’s CV?
                      The how does it relates to Jonathan Lewis CV..

                      Forget about this thread
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                        Not a discussion and not about you.
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                          Adith: You too. Likewise Adith.

                          : )
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                            Don's resume is sneakily hidden away here
                            "March 200 - March 2001 - Database Administrator"

                            I'm sure Jonathan Lewis will readily admit he doesn't have 1800 years of database administrator experience.
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                              >>"March 200 - March 2001 - Database Administrator"

                              Thats a real killer...


                              So now can I reframe that Matrix Revolutions dialogue at the end:

                              How long this peace is going to last ? As long as it can...

                              How long more, Oracle is going to last...

                              As long as it can...It has been alreay there for last 1800 years...but very few people like Neo ;) knowing it...rest were just programmed to feel like there were no databases around ;)
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                                    ROFL <> ROLF!!!