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        You can write it either way boss...its one and the same thing...

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          Roll On Floor Laughing
          Roll On Laughing Floor

          Nope. Not the same.
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            Hi Maran,
            Good reply and I agree the final solution depends on the environment say like if the table is verx big then export n import make take long time, if chained rows are very few no point increasing the PCTFREE. If available disk space is less you not be able to ALTER ...MOVE. Also it again depends how much time is given to you for the entire activity.

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              Its very obvious that you took very personal. In forums, one need not be a verified, experinced to post a reply or participate in a discussion. Oracle itself doesnt verify the forum members creditials, who are you to question JL?

              Its totally a disappointing stuff from you. Seems like you got a run for your money from JL.

              Even if JL has faked up his expereince its not the point here. This is not the right place to very his credentials.

              There is no rule that only EXPEREINCED dbas should reply in forums. And no rule that all advices are to be followed or implemented. Its just a discussion.

              Burleson dont be too proud. I am great fan of your books but this is totally disgusting. Infact i ever read any book/stuff from JL, yet I can say you (Burleson) created a non-sense stuff here
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                So, it's not enough for seasoned experts to talk about what they have
                witnessed in real-world databases? For example, David Aldridge has general
                observations and opinions that are worth their weight in gold. Why? Because
                he is the real-deal, a non-anonymous professionals with verifiable credentials:
                Whoa! Keep me out of this.

                (But FYI it's http://oraclesponge.wordpress.com)
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                  Jonathan Lewis
                  So, Don, no intelligent response then - just the usual pathetic little word-games and futile hand-waving.

                  You have still failed to offer any technical explanation of the flaws you want to believe exist in my observations about table re-organisations.

                  You have still failed to offer an alternative explanation to the original poster about why he saw tables get bigger when they tried to re-organise them.

                  Jonathan Lewis
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                    wow yet another absolutely stunning thread.

                    it has made my day.

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                      Thanks, its me who started this thread to get information about reorganization, and got a lot of replies but for wrong reasons. Forum helps to share their knowledge not thier CV.

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                        > lots snipped..
                        You have NEVER done a real production table reorg, have you? Not once, not ever, right? Where do
                        you get-off advising a working DBA about something that you have never done?
                        lots snipped..

                        Don.. Don... Don...

                        What the hell is wrong with you that you have to attack people personally whenever you disagree with them on a technical issue?

                        Attack the technical points. But just where do you get off to start question a person's qualifications and experience in a very blatant attempt at some kind of "public embarrassment" of that person?

                        "You have never paid a nickel to do ANY DBA work, right?" - and you call yourself an professional Don? And you spout off like that!?

                        I've long run out of any respect I had for you and your company when I first ran across it on the web in the mid 90's. Because this is SOP for you. In your dealings with anyone that you deem are technically and educationally inferior to you. Hell, you have even tried it with me when I dared to contradict you.

                        Why do you think so many well known Oracle experts across the world are at odds with you? Ever thought that maybe you are the problem and not them?

                        And remember Don that you cannot simply spout off like you do here. This is not a web forum hosted on your web site. It is not Usenet. There are [url http://www.oracle.com/html/terms.html]Terms of Use here.

                        Para 3 of it says:
                        3. Use of Forums and Public Communication
                        "Forum" means a discussion group, chat area, bulletin board, news group, blog, wiki, letter to Oracle, its webmaster or employees, e-mail function, or other service in connection with which you can upload, email, post, publish or otherwise transmit Content. You agree not to upload, email, post, publish, distribute or otherwise transmit through a Forum any Content that: (a) is false or misleading;[ (b) [b]is defamatory;
                        (c) is harassing or invades another's privacy, or promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual; (d) is obscene; (e) infringes another's rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights; (f) constitutes unsolicited bulk e-mail, "junk mail," "spam" or chain letters; or (g) violates any applicable laws or regulations.

                        Attacking Jonathan like you did is clearly harassment in order to discredit him. You made false and misleading statements like "Where do you get-off advising a working DBA about something that you have never done?". You are defamatory, trying to discredit Jonathan professionally.

                        So please.. stop your personal vendettas here. It is seriously detracting from the purpose of these forums... and resulting in a very ugly confrontational environment that did not exist until you joined (as in actively started posting).
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                            Maran Viswarayar
                            Answering to This thread should be stopped .I stop here

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                              I don't see it as a shame at all. It's a valuable reminder to ALWAYS VERIFY any >claims of expertise . . . .
                              True, but you should have verified by trying the solution and not by asking JL's qualifications.

                              People claiming to be experts should use & prove their expertise by providing helpful solutions in the forum like JL, Billy, DMorgan and many others

                              I believe, this forum is not only for the Experts to provide the solutions. Anybody who knows a little can also guide the person to correct solution.

                              There are so many people who are not experts and are anonymous, which does not mean their solutions cannot be trusted... Try and use the solution and you shall get the answer...

                              No offenses to anybody, let's share the knowledge :)
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                                Jafar Ali, has anybody provide a good solution for your problem. I think you have resolvet it by now!
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                                  Unfourtunately,He's always had an inferiority complex about his copy-paste knowlegde.
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