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    Ror and OCI8 encoding Problem

      Hello all! I have a problem with OCI8 and RoR, when I use select query to Orcle Data Base I take result where cyrilic characters are "?", and I can't decode this result, but when I create OCI8 conection in .rbx file on the server ( Linux) I take a right result whith cyrilic characters. This problem with Apache and Linux environment variables for OCI8? I think so. Halp please, whot I can do for solve this problem?

      Oracle - encoding (win-1251)
      Linux - encoding utf-8
      Apache2 user in Linux - encoding koi8-u.
      for use oci8 I write this rule for Apache:
      Apache2 httpd.conf:
      SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/oracle/product/
      SetEnv ORACLE_HOME /opt/oracle/product/