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    export rdf report to excel


      I have 10g installed on my PC, and i've made a simple report in Reports Builder 10g. The problem is that i can not export to excel my report.

      Please help me to this problem.

      Thank you.
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          Why not you try for HTML, only simple installation requires and this will be available through MS_WORD and Save your output as HTML and then through WORD you can view the output PDF/EXCEL/HTML etc.

          Shishu Paul
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            In Reports 6i and even with Reports Server 6i we had the option to set the desformat parameter to 'delimited', and that worked for reports not having group-above.
            With reports server 9i and 10g we ran into a horrible bug: some rows are printed repeatedly and we cant't figure out on what criteria, nor do we know how to deal with that.
            I believe a html output would be easily imported in Excel.
            Or, one thing I did, is that I used ADO to fetch data from Oracle in .xls. Actually I implemented a complex solution, so that the user connecting through ADO cannot see but some temporary tables that are populated by some package with the data needed for the specified report after the user authenticates as one application user that has the rights to run the given report. And all the .xls "reports" have the same VBA module for fetching data, no matter what the given report consists of.
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              Can you go to file -> Generate to File -> Delimited?

              Then you could open it up in excel. I know it is an extra step but it should give you what you want.

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                If you have the reports server running on Windows (and not one implementation with the reports server on any other OS), then, having MS Excel installed on the reports server machine, you may use the OLE2 package to write the data fetched in the report to .xls.
                I did not do that because most of the clients we have have Linux or some Unix OS.
                Still, that would be an option, provided you won't have too many users running such reports at the same time because: one report would mean, besides the report server work, an excel.exe process ... You could easily fetch each report recordset (query) into a different sheet in .xls (more or less similar to whar I do with ADO).