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      Could any one provide link or document location for integrating collaborator with smart space as we observe very weired error when trying to connect from Smart space administrator utility to collaborator (using "services" tab)
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          Following is the error message observed in EPM log files:
          Message: Coversant.SoapBox.Core.SASL.DigestMD5.RealmNotSupportedByServerException: The specified realm 'server' was not suported by the server. See the SupportedRealms property for a list of realms that are supported.
          at Coversant.SoapBox.Core.Session.EndLogin(IAsyncResult ar)
          at Coversant.SoapBox.Core.Session.Login(String username, String password, String resource, Boolean enableNonSASLAuth, ConnectionOptions options, CultureInfo culture)
          at Hyperion.SmartSpace.Community.Core.ClientConnection.Connect()
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            Matt Milella-Oracle
            I think I will need more details on exactly what you are doing. My assumption is that you are in the administration tool and are testing the connection to the collaborator. Is this correct? Also can you get to the administrative console for the collaborator? You can try this but hitting this url as long as you selected the default ports during installation. http://[servername]:17086/login.jsp?url=%2Findex.jsp. If this is not running the collaborator service is not running properly...