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    Integrating EJB from BPEL Process


      I have a problem in integrating session beans from bpel process. I would like to explain the way I have created. Firstly I have created an EJB project in which I have created a stateless session bean using EJB2.1. Then I have created a client program which will have the logic of performing the lookup of the ejb. For this I have prepared an EAR file and deployed into the BPEL Application server.

      Secondly, I have created a BPEL project from which I am intended to call the EJB created in the EJB project. I have created the dependency from BPEL project to the EJB project i.e. EJB project depends on BPEL project. From the bpel process, using java embedding I am callling the client present in the EJB project. The total process compiled successfully and when I deploy the BPEL process into the BPEL Process Manager, it is deployed successfully. When I execute the Java Embedding in the work flow of BPEL console, the call from BPEL process is going to the ejb client program. But from client program, the ejb lookup process is not working.

      When I look at the BPEL Process Manager server log, it is showing that the NameNotFoundException: EJB not found.

      Please help me regarding this. Thanks in advance for giving the solution.


      Ramu. D