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    Download Oracle RAC


      i have a question, where i can get to download Oracle RAC 10 release 2?

      I must pay to get Oracle RAC or it is free????


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          Database products downloads.

          On downloads pages, you will find a OTN license agreement, which you must read and understand before you may download and use the software.

          And see Installation guides for help with RAC specific requirements, in the Documentation.
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            I see but you can only download Oracle Database without Oracle RAC.

            Oracle Database doesn't include Oracle RAC or I is wrong me.
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              RAC is not separate software, it's an option. OUI offers to install it, when all prerequisites (software/hardware) are fulfilled.

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                Hans Forbrich
                You is wrong. It's all basically the same software. RAC is simply something you configure when you have the right license.
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                  I think he wants some material to help ou how to install the RAC from oracle ?
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                    Hans Forbrich

                    i have a question, where i can get to download Oracle
                    RAC 10 release 2?
                    Oracle RAC is part of the database. It is included in the download for the database. To enable it, you MUST have Oracle Clusterware installed and configured.

                    Howard Rogers has a demo of installing RAC on Linux at www.dizwell.com ... look under exotica

                    Otherwise go to otn.oracle.com and look for Jeff Hunter under Articles

                    I must pay to get Oracle RAC or it is free????
                    With Standard Edition, RAC is included in the license, subject to the limitations of Standard Edition

                    With Enterprise Edition, RAC is a separate priced option of the database but it has no limitations.
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                      Hi, you can create your own RAC referring to the guide below.


                      It's absolutely free.


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                        Found several discussion re Oracle RAC and benefits

                        Would agree with your list re RAC benefits

                        1. High availability
                        2. Scale Up (do more work in the same time)
                        3. Speed Up (do the same work in less time)
                        4. Rolling Upgrades

                        We currently run our non RAC Oracle database and application servers on a RHEL OS using HP DL380 server hardware.

                        We are now designing our next Oracle database environment which will utilize dual server, shared SAN running Oracle RAC to provide a high availability environment for 7 X 24 apps like http://www.drivebc.ca

                        Noticed that your firm is located in Alberta, are you aware of any Oracle RAC installations in Alberta, specifically the Alberta government in Edmonton?
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                          I am aware of several RAC installations, including crown corps. I also teach the official Oracle University RAC course across western Canada, both on VM and with my own 'portable' RAC lab.

                          Feel free to contact me offline - use fuzzy.greybeard@gmail.com to establish contact. I'll be in Edmonton at the Scotia Place next week.
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                            And now, where can I download RAC 10g2?
                            There is no more archive at OTN
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                              You've just reopened a 5 (!) year old thread.

                              Search the Database forums category, where questions about "where are (the very very old) 10.2 downloads", and similar, have been asked and answered many times before!

                              Why not just get the current 11.2 release, Or, if you have rights to use 10g, request software shipment by opening a SR at Metalink / MOS.