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        Fair enough. But if the low-hanging fruit is all gone... that's when one has to get clever. And maybe, just maybe, there's a table/index that'd benefit a lot from being in a different blocksize. As I said, perhaps it's just too time-consumimg to fiddle about hunting for such candidates.
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          Richard Foote
          Hi Harry,

          In my experience, I've yet to come across a perfectly tuned database that is performing poorly and someone says "hey, how about using a larger block size for just those things" and after moving just those things to a larger (or smaller) block size, suddenly performance improves and the day has been saved.

          I really don't think I'm ever likely to either ...


          Richard Foote
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            But... how often have you even thought about/tried it? Really, as a percentage.
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              Having seen your staspack detailed report, I concluded that
              you need to first tune your application doing all this .

              Tuning it will definitely improve the performance .

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