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    Locker.setTxnTimeout broken?

      We've discovered a problem with the setTxnTimeout/isTimedOut methods on the transaction objects. The problem is in the Locker object, we've written a test case to illustrate the scenario:
          public void testSetTransaction() throws Exception {

           //Setup.  Important note is to have some timeout value set on the environment

              EnvironmentConfig config = new EnvironmentConfig();

              File home = new File("test/DB");
              EnvironmentImpl env = new EnvironmentImpl(home, config);

           //create our Locker object and set the transaction timeout to 0 (0 should mean no timeout per berkeley API docs)
              Locker locker = new BasicLocker(env);     

           //wait for a short period

           //we should never be timed out, since we set the timeout to zero

      Here are the relative code snippets from Locker that cause this situation:

      1) In the constructor txnStartMillis is only set if the timeout is non-0
              txnTimeOutMillis = envImpl.getTxnTimeout();

              if (txnTimeOutMillis != 0) {
                  txnStartMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
              } else {
                  txnStartMillis = 0;
      2) When we call setTxnTimeout, the txnStartMillis is set, even if timeOut is set to 0
           * Set the timeout period for this transaction, in milliseconds.
          public synchronized void setTxnTimeout(long timeOutMillis) {
              txnTimeOutMillis = timeOutMillis;
              txnStartMillis = System.currentTimeMillis();
      3) the isTimedOut method checks for a non-zero txnStartMillis, instead of using the txnTimeOutMillis. Since the setter put a value in txnStartMillis, it thinks it needs to check for a timeout. The diff will always be greater than 0, so this always returns true in this scenario.
          boolean isTimedOut()
              throws DatabaseException {

              if (txnStartMillis != 0) {
                  long diff = System.currentTimeMillis() - txnStartMillis;
                  if (diff > txnTimeOutMillis) {
                      return true;
              return false;
      We think just changing line 518 in Locker from this:
        if (txnStartMillis != 0) {
      to this:
        if (txnTimeOutMillis != 0) {
      Would be an appropriate fix. Simple enough that we didn't create a patch file for it, but if you want we can throw one together. Also, the setTxnTimeout(..) should maybe check for a non-zero value before setting txnStartMillis.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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