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    Alien Reader Setup in SES


      I'm trying setup, as a device, the RFID reader Alien ALR-8800 (EU Model) on SES but gives me always "START FAILED".

      On log, i get the following error:

      DriverManager: creating device:Alien
      Fri Jan 18 12:09:56 GMT 2008(2):DriverManager: create device:Alien failed due to exception>>

           Classe em falta: com.alien.enterpriseRFID.reader.AlienClass1Reader

           Classe dependente: oracle.edge.impl.driver.AlienReader
           Carregador: edge.web.edge-web:0.0.0
           Code-Source: /C:/Programs/
           Configuração: manifest of /C:/Programs/

      A classe em falta não está disponível a partir de nenhuma code-source ou carregador no sistema.
      Fri Jan 18 12:09:56 GMT 2008(2): OracleArchiverWorkerImpl: Parse data error in topo event


      Sorry, there are some parts in Portuguese, i cannot understand why, i use only tools in English.

      Looks like SES cannot found any jar or .class related with Alien. Tells that the library is missing. Is this right?

      There is a AlienRFID.jar inside the extensions.zip.

      I have a AlienRFID.jar from the Alien SDK CD. Should i use this jar? To where i need to copy the lib?

      Another error that appears a lot is:

      javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Improper padding: missing salt

      Any idea about what is this?

      Many thanks.