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    Questions for the time when a mail is sent and arrives

      Hi, all

      I have a few questions for OCS but I can't find any informaiton for them.

      My customer asked me how to know the time when a mail is sent to and arrives a destination mailbox from the OCS database. My Questions are...

      There are two columns - 'INTERNAL_DATE' and 'RFC822_DATE' - in 'ES_HEADER' table that seem related to sending date. What is the difference between them?

      Can I know the time when a mail arrives the recipient's mailbox (or mail server) from the OCS database?

      What does the column 'RECEIVED_DATE' in ES_ENVELOPE table mean?

      I would appreciate if anyone lets me know links or websites where I can get informatin.
      (or if give answers to me directly, I would appreciate so much!)

      Thanks in advance.