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    "Locked" Files in OCS

      We have reports from users who complain that sometimes when they try to open a document in Oracle Content Services, it is "locked" by another user, and they have to ask the other user to unlock it. The first user swears that he/she is not in the file at that exact moment, and exited the file properly when they were finished with it earlier, which, should of course, unlock it immediately, making it available for the next user. This happens with various documents, and is random, with random users. Has anyone else out there seen this behavior, and, is there a known fix for it?
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          What types of documents does this occur for? If the user doesn't explicitly unlock it do you see the lock eventually being released? This is likely due to MS Office asking Content Services to lock the document when the users opens it.

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            We are seeing this problem with Lotus and Excel files. We do not see the locks being "automatically" released at any point, although the time period where user A asks user B to unlock the file so user A can access it is less than 24 hours in all the cases that I am aware of.
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              I also have some users that this happens for all the time, and some that it happens for only now and then. I see this happens for Word and Excel documents and the users complain to me because that they have to save to a new name.

              I think it often is because they don't realize that another user has opened the document so it is correct that it should be locked and have asked them to be aware of this, but I also see that there are a lot of documents in their Workspace that is locked and also has the Read-only attribute set. When I try to open some of their documents it gets locked, but not Read-only.

              Anyway, the fles stay locked even if they close Excel. Also I see a lot of tmp files, months old, that is not getting removed. They are Read-only. When I try to open their files they are not Read-only so I think this is the cause of the problem.

              The ones that has most problems are using a lot of Excel files for registering som kind of booking information so I guess it is a greater chance for two users opening the same spreadsheet. (Someone calls, and the one who answers open the spreadsheet, registers some info, and might or might not close it).

              I see that Excel has a function for sharing spreadsheets/workbooks (Tools | Share Workbook) and giving warnings, resolve conflicts etc. I haven't used this, but obviously have to learn how this works, and check with the users what excactly they are doing. Do you know if there is any reason Shared Workbooks should not work with Oracle Files? (Server is OCS9. They are using a mix of Office 2003 and Office 2007.).