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    Personalization of DFF window [Solved]

      Hi Mighty Ones,

      Please help me out.

      1) I have a Oracle Apps seeded form (say F) which has a field which stores an Application Number related to a customer.

      2) The form F has a DFF defined for it. The DFF has value sets defined for its fields which are used for case restricition, specifying the maximum length that can be entered in a field etc. The value sets are not used to populate the fields but to restrict the values that are entered.

      3) My requirement is this:
      When the DFF is opened, the DFF field should get populated with values from a custom table ONLY if the Application Number in form F exists in the custom table. If the Application Number does not exist in the custom table, then the DFF field should not get populated.

      Hope I am clear.Any suggestions?


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