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    Need help to trigger an item property to required

      Hello All,

      I have having trouble triggering an item to be a required field.

      The objective is to make the Payment Terms a mandatory field for Pay Sites only.

      The problem is that the Payment Terms is mandatory for all sites. I would have thought that the mandatory field would trigger to required when going through the different pay sites and then not required on other sites such as Purchasing.

      The steps I have taken are go to the Suppliers form (ctrl f11) and then go to the Sites form. Add a personization with
      Trigger Event - WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE
      Trigger Objective - SITE.VENDOR_SITE_CODE
      Condition - ${item.site.pay_site_flag.value} = 'Y'
      Processing Mode - Not In Query Mode

      Object Type - Item
      Target Object - SITE.TERMS_NAME
      Property Name - Required
      Value - True

      Any advice would be great.