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    Problem with IAS integrated WebCache and standalone webcache frontend

      Hi, I have a problem.

      my setup is this

      Application Server with WebCache - test-ias.foo.com (webcache port 7777, http port 7778)
      Standalone WebCache - test-wcache.foo.com (port 80)

      I have one site i want to access from the standalone webcache using the url test-wcache.foo.com

      I almost got it to work but when the page is returned all the links points to the origin server's integrated webcache ( test-ias.foo.com:7777 ) but what i need it to do is point to test-wcache.foo.com (Which is running on port 80) so that requests are sendt from the frontend webcache and not directly to the integrated webcache.

      My english isn't perfect so I hope you understand my question.