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        Clemens you are handling a very difficult situation admirably, and my hat is off to you. The problem is above your level, for sure. Oracle is buying and integrating a lot of very immature stuff that would never make it to market if anything better were available, and if it were not so early in the game.

        All of these problems will be behind us all someday, as you will eventually catch up, and the problems will be fixed.

        I will tell you though that the worst feature of the software is that it is just immature at the tooling level. One shouldn't need all this documentation, but one does because it is very brittle and early in the release cycles. It needs thousands and thousands of eyes forcing you guys to fix stuff, and it just isn't getting it. I have met many folks from Oracle and they are the smartest folks I have met, consistently. Unfortunately, that only makes the problems worse, because they figure out how to make stuff work that the rest of us don't really want to figure out, we just want it to work without trying. After all that's why we buy Oracle, if we wanted to fight things we'd use open source.

        If you had any idea how hard it is to learn the idiosyncracies of this system when you aren't a developer of the system like you guys are, you wouldn't resent us for flaming you, or at least not as much.

        You have my commitment to consider your situation though, and to be a bit nicer. Meanwhile ask for your tooling budget to be tripled, and you'll make up for it quickly in more sales, I'd lay a lot of money on that one.
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          Thanks much for the feedback - and it is much appreciated. Before moving into Product Management I have worked in Consulting for years - so I guess I have a fair clue of the both worlds. (and I have been through this with customers many many times)

          We are working hard, and taking this feedback very serious, as it is in our best interest to create easy to use, yet powerfull software.

          best clemens
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            I am sending a notification through email. Its the same SendEmailWith Attachments example. The samplecover.pdf file is shown properly in email attachment , but when I wanna read .txt/.doc/.rtf file its showing some encoding.

            I am using mime type for the attachment as

            "string('text/html; charset=UTF-8'

            Any pointers so that I could get my email attachment show proper message instead of encoding. Thanks
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              Daren Casey
              Hello - I am using JDeveloper and the customize task generally works well, but I am having trouble with a file adapter when specifying the folder location, e.g.:
              <partnerLinkBinding name="TriggerWrite">
              <property name="Directory_Outbound">/top/dev/outbound</property>
              the ant customize task (inside bpelc) errored with:
              [customize] Property "Directory_Outbound" is not valid for partnerLinkBinding

              Is there a workaround for this? If not it will hurt/slow our migration from BPEL 10.1.2 to 10.1.3. Thank you.
              • 19. Re: Please Publish Announced Workaround to Bpel Deployment Nightmare
                Hi James,

                How can I adjust the schemaName used by the jca:location attribute in my wsdl file of the dbAdapter and change this at deployment-time?

                Regarding the partnerlinks, this is clear for me but what about the wsdl files used to describe the partnerlinks, stored procedures in dbAdapter, can these be changed as well, and if so how?

                Which targets need to be added to the pre-build.xml file?

                Kind regards,
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