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    SQR 5402

      Hey there,

      We're trying to migrate off of a server 'OLD' to server 'NEW'.
      Both are running the same instance of Oracle (32 bit)
      running on a 64 bit Solaris machine and both are running the same version
      of SQR (8.1)
      OLD has Solaris version 8
      NEW has Solaris version 10

      We're just trying to replicate the environment for now to prepare
      for upgrades soon.

      So the problem is.. we have a shell-script that first, sets environment
      variables and then executes an SQR.

      The script runs without errors on server-OLD, but I get this error
      message on server-NEW:

      Error on line 103:
      (SQR 5402) String cannot be placed on page: <...string...>
      -- placement specified is out of range. (0,1,0)

      SQR: Program Aborting.

      I can't find any differences between the SQR or Oracle installations.
      (Same installations, same patches) - but I'm obviously missing something.

      We don't want to modify the data itself (although that would fix
      this case) because it obviously runs fine on 'OLD'.
      I've kind of run out of ideas and was hoping someone might have
      a clue as to why.

      any ideas would be most appreciated!

      thanks in advance
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          Barry Mcgillin-Oracle
          Raman, what is SQR, is that the old SQL Reports?
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            I think so. It was made by BRIO software, then acquired by oracle.

            an example of SQR code:
            do P_logs

            page-size 58 132

            begin-procedure P_logs
            print '+P{~' (+5,1)
            print '' (+1)
            print '+P{~' (+1,1)
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              I think so. It was made by BRIO software, then
              acquired by oracle.
              Actually looks like SQR's history is a little complicate than that,


              SQ Software created SQR in the mid 1980s.
              MITI acquired the full rights to SQR in the mid 1990s.
              MITI changed its name to SQRiBE Technologies in 1997.
              Brio Technology acquired SQRiBE in August, 1999.
              Brio Technology later changed its name to Brio Software.
              Hyperion Solutions Corporation acquired Brio Software in October, 2003.
              Oracle Corporation acquired PeopleSoft in December, 2004.
              And as of March 2007 Oracle Corporation has acquired Hyperion Solutions.

              You might want to check your luck in Hyperion Forum, someone there might have experience.