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    EA1 - Clob truncated ?

      I have a very simple my_log_query table with varchar partition_key, timestamp, varchar identifier, clob querytext.

      With SQL Developer 1.2, when SELECTing * FROM my_log_query, I could get the whole clob displayed, and more importantly, copying or exporting data to the clipboard I would have the whole querytext as it is in DB.

      With EA1, when SELECTing * FROM my_log_query, I can see the word (CLOB) is inserted at the beginning of the display. So far so good.
      If I move my mouse cursor over the data, a hint is displayed containing a truncated version of the clob (truncated at 4000th char). So far so good.
      But if I copy (Ctrl-C while cell is highlighted) or export the data (right-click / export), my Clob is truncated like in the hint at 4000th char!
      If I "auto-fit on data" the cell several times, it will dsplay the whole clob (although forcing me to scroll), but even then, copying or exporting the data will give a truncated result.

      The only workaround seems to be:
      - double-click on the cell to edit its contents, then select all and copy.

      Would it be possible to have the whole clob's contents on copy and/or export without having to edit the cell?
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          Would it be possible to have the whole clob's contents on copy and/or export without having to edit the cell?
          We can but aren't inclined since the CLOB can size upto GBs. The truncation size though can be made a preference. Please open a new feature request at the exchange for this, if you like.

          We would recommend living with an extra click or two compared to preferences overkill.
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            It used to give you the whole CLOB column, now it truncates. I don't think I'd consider having previous features available as a preference to be "preferences overkill"

            I just ran into this too. A SQL script that used to export just fine no longer works.

            SQL Server's Query Analyzer gives me this feature, so I think you'd strive to be at least as good as the competition ;-)

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              4000 seems an odd choice. If 4000 characters was sufficiently big for the data, then it would be a VARCHAR2 not a CLOB, so for most CLOBs it will be inadequate. On the other hand, 4000 is characters is too big to read on a screen field, and needs to be cut-and-pasted.
              Also, if people wanted to just see the first 4000 characters, they can simply CAST(clob as VARCHAR2(4000))

              How about switching from 4000 to 32K ?
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                Barry Mcgillin-Oracle
                I hear you. Opent he request and we can put it in. Right now, we've been closing off areas that have been open to causing problems. If this is conrolled and managed viewing then it would be fine. Log it and we'll get it into another release.