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    Google - Oracle Calendar sync

      Anyone successful in syncing Google and Oracle calendars?
      I have personal events in one (because of clubs I am with) and company events in the other.

      I'm considering doing the following:
      Oracle => Palm

      Palm => Google

      But have not tried it yet.

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          You can export Oracle Calendar as an iCal-file.
          That you can import in Google Calendar.

          However, a script doing this for you would be nicer, but i'm not into scripting.
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            The exporting and importing suggestion is really the only easy way to do it right now. If Oracle Calendar begins supporting caldav in a future version, you should be able to just subscribe to your corporate calendar caldav URL directly from Google Calendar.

            If you are a developer, you could try to write a small program using the Calendar SDK to extract your agenda data into an iCal formatted file (at least I'm pretty sure it can do that). If you make the iCal formatted file web accessible, you can point Google Calendar to the URL and it will automatically download the agenda data into your calendar. You, of course, would want to automate the extraction of your corporate agenda to the file so you wouldn't have to remember to do it yourself.

            I'm not a big user of Google Calendar so I'm basing this suggestion on some basic tests I tried. Also, automating this means you would have to have to include your account password in the program you write (somewhat okay if it is compiled but still a security risk). It also means you would have to update your program any time you changed your password.

            Soo...if you are willing to do a little manual work and not have to write a program, just export the data into iCal format (.ics), copy it to a web accessible area, and set up Google Calendar to always look for it at that URL.
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              It's not a sync, but there is a very nice easy to configure feed here:


              You need to register your account first. The script for Oracle works something like this:

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                The Google sync tool will push / pull from MS Outlook. I have managed to sync Google and Oracle Calendar by using the Outlook connector.
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                  We use the Outlook Connector throughout our organization. I thought that the sync would work, but I haven't been able to get it to. I figured it was because Outlook wasn't actually storing data on the machine. Did you have to do anything special?
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                    The main issues I've had have revolved around using the Oracle calendar (w/connector) as well as the default Outlook calendar. If you set up the connector as the default calendar to show in Outlook (connector install/config final screen) then evrything here has fallen into place. Hope this helps, Joe
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                      Even though I've selected the Two-way option, I've still only managed to sync one way (google cal to outlook 2003) using Google Calendar Sync. Has anyone managed to get it to work both ways?
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                        I would like to use the outlook connector to sync my oracle and google calendar, please could you describe the proccess in a bit more detail?

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                          Several months ago I had a user who wanted her Google cal migrated into Oracle. This was my first experience with Google calendar. It was simple enough to create a sample Google cal, download the ics, and import to Oracle. I then experimented with the Google sync tool. The only thing I remember is there was a slight hitch in the way it handled recurrences.

                          Months later, after blowing out my MS Office and reinstalling(2003/2003) with the latest and greatest (both Outlook Con and Google sync tool) I had another user who wished to sync. I can no longer sync a single appointment between the two. I know this worked once because of the content of the appointments on my Google cal (this after not logging in for several months).

                          I don't know which software upgrade killed what should be a routine process. But I thought I would post this, so as not to build up false hope. This is a very low priority in our shop and I won't have time to pursue it.

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                            Could you please enlighten us? I'd love to konw how you got this working. We have Oracle calendar 10.1.2 and I'm using the Oracle connector 1013_07 with Outlook 2003. I get nada on my google calendar.
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                              My OCFO is my default calendar, but I still get nothing when I sync to google. Have you heard of people having issues with this?
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                                Here's a method that will let you sync Oracle Calendar to Google Calendar + iCal iPhone: