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    Regarding the Bulk Loading in ORACLE 10gR2

      I am trying to load an Ontology of size 1,10,000 triples into ORACLE 10gR2. it is taking nearly 45 minutes to load the data. I have hundreds of such ontologies to load in to the database. I am using 'graph.getBulkUpdatehandler().add(ontoloyGraph)' to add the entire ontologyGraph(of size 1,10,000 triples) to the back-end model. The back-end model isempty.

      In this context can anyone please tell me:

      1). Why the time to load Ontologies is kind of exponentially increasing with the size of the Ontology?

      2).Given that I have to use 10g only, what are the ways to improve the loading time?

      Please do mention the reason behind it taking so much time for loading....

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          You are using 10gR2 so 11g bulk loader is not available. You can try the
          addInBatch API. Behind the scene, it is invoking 10gR2 batch loader.

          The reason for a slow loading speed is
          1) quite a few indexes are maintained incrementally,
          2) loading is handled in a triple by triple fashion. So there is quite a bit of PL/SQL overhead.