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    Deleting a calendar event

      Here is my issue, which I'm hoping someone may be able to help with:

      I have a user named, let's say, Joe. Joe has a repeating event on his calendar that he would like to get rid of. In looking at the event details, I see it shows "Proposed by: Joe for Nondescriptive Calendar". (Nondescriptive not the real name, of course)

      So I think to myself that the user has a meeting on his calendar that was created by him while he was signed in as designate to the Nondescriptive calendar. However, the meeting doesn't appear on the Nondescriptive calendar at all.

      The "Cut" and "Delete" options are ghosted out on Joe's calendar for this meeting. How can this meeting be removed? I assume it has to do with server commands from the command line, but I've looked and haven't found any documentation that appears relevant.

      User is using the latest version of the windows calendar client. Server is version