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    Configure using URL Prefix


      I have set up an Oracle Web Cache Version 10.1.2 instance. I want to configure the Web Cache in the DMZ with two origin servers in the Intranet. My goal is the following:

      Web Cache: www.company.com/webacache

      www.company.com/webcache:7777/app/URL1 maps to www.company.com/origin-server-1/app/internal-url1

      www.company.com/webcache:7777/app/URL2 maps to www.company.com/origin-server-2/app/internal-url1

      How can I do this? Is this done in the Site Definitions Page? If so, is the Host Name the name of webcache, and Alias Name the origin-server-1 and origin-server-2 for the two URL Prefixes? Is the URL Prefixes app/URL1 and app/URL2?