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    Changing SMTP port in Oracle Collabsuite 10g


      I am having Oracle Collabsuite 10g installed and during installation I used the SMTP port as 30. The mails are all working fine. Now I want to change the SMTP port from 30 to 25.

      Can anyone tell me what are all the places where we need to make changes. For information I made changes in following location.

      1) $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora file for apps tier.
      2) In Enterprise manager at following location.

      Farm > Application Server: ocsapps.ap6023fems.us.oracle.com > Mail Application > SMTP Inbound Server > Default Settings >

      In the "Port" field

      3) In Oracle workspace as per the following docs

      When I bounced the services and tried to send email using web mail, I am getting following error.

      could not connect to SMTP host: ap6023fems:30

      Question is why its still referring to port 30 even though I changed to 25. Is there anywhere else that we need to change SMTP port to change it to 25.

      Please help !!


      Advait Deo