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    Batch validation issue

      When I execute a batch validation session, it stay on the status started and nothing happens, 14 hours after I had to stop it manually.
      In the output file some things were executed correctly and these are the last three lines:
      "9076 derived responses deleted because proc is Prov or deleted
      Indicator Question Checks for Patients with modified data
      279 new, 158 remain current, 128 became obsolete"

      and nothing happens after this
      In case of a successfuly execution these are the four last lines:
      "TMS Thesaurus Validation Execution
      exec_tms_procs second time
      Successful TMS Thesaurus Validation
      Batch Validation completed successfully at date and hour"

      Is the "TMS Thesaurus Validation Execution exec_tms_procs second time" procedure runing or hanging?

      Is the "Question Checks for Patients with modified data" hanging?

      Please help.

      Best Regards,

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          Is this your first Batch validation execution?.

          2. Are you the only one having this problem?.

          3. Have you logged on as another user and executed Batch validation?. What happened?.

          This is a problem with your PSUB process.
          To confirm that, you need to submit a job other than batch validation i.e try compiling a procedure or creating a screen layout. if it does not work of hangs, please note the STATUS of the job.

          4. Try stopping the psub process and starting it again. Then resubmit the job.
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            Hi Nassim,

            1. What version of OC are you using?.

            2. What OS are you using?.

            3. And you want answers to your questions with half stories?. Take some pains to give all the information when you want answers from people. Show that you are interested and NOT LAZY.
            ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

            Do exactly as I have stated in my previous post above.
            a. TMS validation takes place first in the BV. Then the derivation procedures and then validation procedures. The batch validation may send a message saying successful even though it has failed.

            In your case, the PSUB process is hanging or stalled because the job is entered, submitted, then started but not completed to success or failure. The entire process does not take too long unless there are many studies and tremendous amount of data. But it should all be done within the hour or less.
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              Thanks for your reply. I am new in OC and I couldn't give details because I didn't know where I have to search for the details, also I haven't an oracle access which allows me to give more information.
              My aim was to find someone who has have the same symptoms and perhaps a quick solution because we are always working in emergency here.
              Second thing is that I couldn't get a quick answers or quick questions in this forum, everytime I post a message I didn't get quick reply which let me to give you more information. It doesn't matter!
              The problem was that the DBA has not done a analyze table at all, so our first BVS took a long time, because we have a lot of data and a lot of updates on the response table. So before doing the analyze tables the BVS run for two days without finishing the execution so we had to stop it, after the analyze table the BVS took 18 hours, after which we decided to run a BVS every night this will handle a little quantity of data every night and this take now 5 minutes and at least 1 hour.
              So before a first BVS you have to run some maintenance scripts on the database to make it ready for the job, then you have to wait several hours for this first run.
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                All I can tell you is this. If you want an answer to your questions, you have to provide all the details. If you cannot provide the details and you want a QUICK ANSWER like you are God's gift to this forum, then you need to call Oracle Support QUICK!!. In fact, you should hurry. Nobody will answer your questions and I surely will not. This is a small piece of advice.
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                  Wow.....really? So much for civil discourse. Sounds like someone has.....ISSUES....
                  • 6. Batch validation issue
                    Indicator Question Checks for Patients with modified data
                    0 new, 0 remain current, 0 became obsolete
                    Batch Validation aborted due to an error
                    Error updating responses entry(2).Msg:ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitte.

                    Oracle Clinical Version - 4.5.2
                    OS : XP