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    How "User Request" Workflow operation under the Workflow tab works

    Hemanth C

      This is Hemanth. This is the first time I have been working on OCS.

      I am using Oracle Content Services default workflows. No customized BPEL workflows. I have a doubt regarding 'User Request' workflow operation under the Workflow tab. What is the functionality of this workflow. When we need to configure this and how it works when compared to uploading, check-in, check-out etc. I could not track the purpose of it.

      I observed that, If I configure 'User Request' workflow, it enables 'Submit for Workflow' in the right click menu of that folder. When you click on this 'Submit for Workflow' a request is submitted to reviewer for approve/reject.
      I understand till here.

      Do we need to confugure any user requests using API? Or this can be used for particular job?

      How 'User Request' works when approved/rejected by reviewer, when compared to what happens exactly if you configure a workflow for uploading. when a user tries to upload a document to a folder, a request goes to reviewer for approve/reject. If reviewer approves the document is uploaded, if rejected the document is not uploaded.

      How we can use 'User Request', like how we are using uploading, check-in, check-out, read, download etc?

      One more is how 'Move' workflow performs. I configure a workflow for 'Move' for a folder/library. I hope when I try to cut a doucment from that folder/library it should send a request to reviewer for approve/reject. But this is not happening.

      Your suggestions are most appriciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Hemanth C.