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    Retek and Oracle Financials Integration


      We are planning to implement Retek for the retail stores and Oracle Financials for the back end operations. Can some one tell me if these two products are seamlessly integrated? For example will the data flow from Retek to say AP or AR without having to develop any interfaces.

      Thanks in advance.

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          No they are not fully integrated yet. These suites have been developed by independent companies (Retek and Oracle) for decades.

          However Oracle has started the integration process and following is completed:

          The following Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) solutions are now integrated with Oracle Financials to support end-to-end business processes:
          * Oracle Retail Invoice Matching - matches purchase orders, invoices and receipts and reconciles discrepancies. The matched invoices are then forwarded to Oracle E-Business Suite Accounts Payable for payment;
          * Oracle Retail Merchandising System - tracks all inventory movements within the system through Oracle Stock Ledger. Daily and period-based financial information transfers can be updated to Oracle General Ledger; and
          * Oracle Retail Sales Audit - allows daily sales information to be passed through Oracle Retail Sales Audit and automatically posted to Oracle General Ledger.
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            Can you give some details on what kind of infrastructure is required for the integration. What application servers/integration tools, what interfaces from both ends (RMS/ReSA/ReIM and Oracle Financials) are used to integrate these applications.

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              It is all done through Retek Integration Bus (RIB). The underlying technology RIB runs on is XML standards for message, Java Messaging Services (JMS) and
              Message Driven Beans (MDB). The following site http://download-east.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28063_01/rib/docset.html has documentation on Retek message families, XML messages, Architecture of RIB etc. Should you have any specific question you may ask me. Thank you.


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                Hello Ranga,
                I am interested in Learning RMS. Where are you currently located??
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                  Actually ranga/all i have an small issue here like if we want to integrate the ReIM invoice matching how do i do that can u explain in brief atleast step wise

                  step by step integration to my mail hbshaik@jntu.net

                  Thanks in advance
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                    Is there any documentation available on Oracle Stock Ledger?
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                      Hi, I want to know if in the Retek Roadmap, RIB will be replaced for BPEL or ESB. Can you help me with this?

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                        In Oracle Retail 13 applications the RIB is still used, but the implementation is different... rewritten to run on the Oracle stack.
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                          Sorry this may need a new thread... but

                          1) is the retail integration bus a seperate oracle component that is required in addition to RMS in order to talk to Oracle GL (e.g. retrieve Chart of Account info)?


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                            One may benefit from this Metalink document.
                            Regards, Erik Ykema

                            Subject:      Oracle Retail E-Business Suite Integration Guide
                                 Doc ID:      Note:458221.1      Type:      WHITE PAPER
                                 Last Revision Date:      02-NOV-2007      Status:      PUBLISHED

                            In this Document
                            Document History
                            Oracle Retail E-Business Suite Integration Guide

                            Applies to:
                            Oracle Retail Invoice Matching - Version: 12.0.5 to 12.0.5
                            Oracle Retail Merchandising System - Version: 12.0.5 to 12.0.5
                            Information in this document applies to any platform.
                            This is an Oracle Retail internal “services-only” document not for general customer release. It is intended for the systems analysts and other members of the integration team contracted to assist a retailer to integrate Oracle Retail applications with Oracle E Business Suite applications.
                            Document History

                            Author :
                            Create Date 11-Sept-2007
                            Update Date dd-mon-yyyy
                            Expire Date dd-mon-yyyy (ignore after this date)
                            Oracle Retail E-Business Suite Integration Guide

                            This document describes considerations for integration of Oracle Retail applications with the Oracle Financials applications of Oracle E Business Suite. This document provides information for the implementation team to assess product requirements, configuration opportunities, and constraints related to this integration.
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                              You may like from Metalink

                              Overview Of Features And Enhancements Included In Release Version 12 And Assess Benefits Of Upgrading To Version 13
                                   Doc ID:      Note:465089.1      Type:      REFERENCE
                                   Last Revision Date:      30-OCT-2007      Status:      PUBLISHED

                              It shows that Seebeyond is replace by Oracle ESB in Release 13.
                              Erik Ykema
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                                We are working on an integration scenario which involves interaction with RIB but we are having problems with it. So right now we are think of bypassing RIB and calling the API's directly by creating wrappers over it.

                                One thing i want to know is can we by pass RIB and still use RIB Hospital feature through a custom package?

                                Please let me know if somebody has any info on this.

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                                  You mention that sales data gets posted directly to General Ledger directly. What happens in case my sales are in terms of credit card sales etc, where i still have to confirm receipt from the bank.

                                  Should these sales entries not first get posted to an intermediate accounts receivable and only on confirmation get posted to the general ledger.