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  • 30. Re: REWARD € 5.000 - German Apex Award
    Jes Oracle ACE
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    you're right - but if you do not win, you totally loose - not only the contest, but also the time you >invested in the application...
    Don't take this the wrong way, but it's not mandatory to enter the competition ;)

  • 31. Re: REWARD € 5.000 - German Apex Award
    Rumburak Newbie
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    It depends of the number of participants. I don't think that so many people will participate. Most of us are working the whole day. I am not keen on extra-programming for an award after working the whole day. And the weather is fine, the girls are looking pretty and the after-work-beer in the Biergarten tastes delicious! It's definitely the wrong time for sitting at the computer desk.
  • 32. Re: REWARD € 5.000 - German Apex Award
    d_wilhelm Pro
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    Well, you could take a laptop to the Biergarten and try to impress the girls with your drunken apex coding skills.
  • 33. Re: REWARD € 5.000 - German Apex Award
    Luis Cabral Pro
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    That sounds interesting and challenging... with the apex job market here in uk a bit slow, if I win maybe it helps me to get a job in Germany?! Just joking...

    Now my question: I could not find anywhere the parameters for the award. Great end-user experience? Stunning graphics? Use of advanced programming techniques? Security? Complexity? Usefulness? Innovativeness?

    Of course I assume all of the above, but if I have a finite amount of time that I can spend e.g. either in the user interface or in the underlying code, which one would give more chances of winning? Anyone knows?

  • 34. Re: REWARD € 5.000 - German Apex Award
    Carsten Czarski Journeyer
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    You can use 11g EE functions and the BI publisher. But since the jury must have the chance to get your application unning on a preconfigured APEX server you are de-facto
    limited to the built-in APEX - BI PUblisher integration. A "self-built" integration would be not allowed ...

    Best regards

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