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    Installing Ultra Search Into an Existing Database Oracle 10g

      I am trying to run this step, but couldn't find these parameters.. (jexec, jdbc_node, and dbc_all) Could anyone help?

      Thanks in advance!!

      Next, run the SQL*Plus script wk0setup.sql. For example:

      sqlplus /nolog @$ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0setup.sql $ORACLE_HOME
      cstr "sys" syspw "as sysdba" wksyspw tblspc tmptblspc "portal"
      cfs "oui" psep jdbcdrv jdbcnls jexec ctxhx jdbc_node
      jdbc_all $ORACLE_HOME

      where the various parameters are as follows (parameters should be enclosed in quotes to avoid misinterpretation):

      cstr—TNS alias preceded with '@' (for example, @inst1), this parameter can also be passed in as a single white space (' ')

      syspw—password for the sys database user/schema

      wksyspw—password to be used for the Ultra Search schema wksys

      tblspc—tablespace for wksys

      tmptblspc—temporary tablespace for wksys

      cfs—if ORACLE_HOME is on a Cluster File System (CFS) then 'true'; else 'false'

      psep—path separator (for example, on UNIX this is ':', on Windows it is ';')

      jdbcdrv—path to JDBC drivers, classes12.zip (for example, $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/classes12.zip)

      jdbcnls—path to nls_charset12.zip or orai18.jar (for example, $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/nls_charset12.zip)

      jexec—Java executable path (for example, /packages/jdk1.4.1/bin/java). Note that this has to point to a JDK 1.4.1 or later installation

      ctxhx—path to INSOFILTER, ctxhx (for example, $ORACLE_HOME/ctx/bin/ctxhx)

      jdbc_node—thin JDBC connect string, and only the part after the '@' (for example, host:port:sid); note that in case of RAC, this connect string must be to the current node

      dbc_all— same as JDBC_NODE, but in case of RAC with CFS true, this JDBC string should include all the RAC nodes (hint: use TNS syntax)