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    Making Application Database (SyBase, Oracle, MySql) Independent

      Hello Experts ,
      I am having an application running on SyBase DB and frontend is VB.NET. I would like to make it somehow databaseindependent. Means, I want somthing like on installation time if I specify Oracle then Oracle db to used else Mysql or else SyBase.
      Also, is there any solution for the coding too ? means, in case of ORACLE databse the relevent code to be installed on machine, in case of sybase only relevent code to be installed.
      I dont want all 3 codes to be installed on machine as it will lead to space problems.
      Please send me links , docs at cp.dandriyal@gmail.com
      Warm Greeting to all of you.
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          I like compare databases to cars. Imagine you have three different cars by three different vendors. Now what if you'd say - give me a [url http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/headlights~pop.html]headlights which will be suited for all cars. Most of the sellers would look at you like a bit crazy, You can probably mount them on all cars however hardly it would look good and work well and hardly you'd get licence to drive such a car.
          The same is true for databases. Either your SQL developed for a particular DBMS won't work at all or won't work well, so you cannot simply just take SQL statements (even more if you have procedural objects) from one DBMS and plug in them in another.

          Gints Plivna
          [url http://www.gplivna.eu]http://www.gplivna.eu
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            Every database vendor is using its own SQL that is derived from ANSI SQL 92 standards. So the same SQL many not work on different vendor databases.

            Communication between two or more different database is possible through Oracle Gateways. You can download oracle gateway from OTN site and explore the features of it.

            Sami Malik