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    :DependsOnItemValue does not get substituted in flexitem validation query


      I have defined a validation query for a flex item containing both :ItemValue and :DependsOnItemValue. The flex item depends on another flex item (this has also been defined).
      When I turn on JDBC tracing in the application module I notice that the :ItemValue is substituted correctly, whereas the :DependsOnItemValue is not.
      As a test, I included a reference to the :DependsOnItemValue in the default query for that same flex item (e.g. select ':DependsOnItemValue' from dual). This substitution is successful.
      I looked at the source code for FlexItemImpl.java, there were a number of sLog.debug statements, particularly in the substitute method. I could not find the corresponding messages in any log file, though.
      We're using JDeveloper version and JHeadstart version